Inventlist, Inc. is an online marketing and commerce environment which connects small time inventors and entrepreneurs with their marketplace as well as potential investors/retailers. Our platform is built with the little guy in mind. We believe an inventor should not have to give up their invention in exchange for having an audience. We allow all of our clients to maintain complete ownership of their products and companies while only charging a small percentage of each sale generated on our site.

Our business model empowers a completely untapped market with tools and opportunities they may have not previously been able to afford. While maintaining complete control of their idea, we assist them in locating and marketing to their marketplace while only asking for a small piece of the profits in exchange. Our entire goal is to drive sales. Not build widgets or trinkets. We just want to get someone else into the hands of the general public.

We strive to merely be the middle guy for those small time inventors who may not otherwise have the chance to pitch their invention to a group larger than their friends and family network. We will do the leg work of finding potential buyers and working the social networks to connect with the groups which would be interested in the products these individuals bring to the table. We are merely their “commission only” sales force.